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Terms and Conditions
  • Gift certificates can only be purchased online at Our service representatives will not be able to take a gift certificate order over the phone.
  • Gift certificates can only be redeemed online at If you're placing an order, and you plan to use a gift certificate as payment, our service representatives will not be able to take your order over the phone.
  • Gift certificates are not refundable if lost, stolen, or sent to the wrong email address. Please protect yourself by being careful to enter your recipient's email address correctly, and keeping a paper copy of the certificate for your records in case the email copy is lost.
  • Gift certificates cannot be returned for a refund or redeemed for cash.
  • If you return merchandise that was purchased with a gift certificate, your refund will be issued as a store credit to your customer account.
  • gift certificates do not have an expiration date.
  • Gift certificates are emailed to your recipient. No paper copy will be mailed.
  • You may not use store credit to purchase a gift certificate. A credit card or debit card must be used to pay for the gift certificate.
  • No sales tax is charged when you purchase a gift certificate. Sales tax, if applicable, will be charged when the gift certificate is used by the recipient.
  • Only one gift certificate can be used per order.
  • Purchase and/or use of a gift certificate constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
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