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"My Adidas!" was the rap heard round the world when Run DMC memorialized the athletic shoe in their 1999 hit song. And they weren't just talking about their Adidas sneakers. Adidas clothing especially the iconic Adidas track jacket takes center stage in the music video, as well. Missy Elliot wore Adidas clothes in many of her videos and eventually created a collection for the brand. While Adidas was definitely a streetwear staple in the 1990s, don't discount Adidas as just another sneaker company of yesteryear.

When shoemaker Adi Dassler merged his love of shoemaking and sports to produce the first pair of handmade training shoes in 1920, he'd no idea he was starting a shoe revolution, as athletes around the world immediately embraced his innovative designs. Fast-forward to today and Adidas apparel is just as revered as the trainers. Professional basketball teams like the Los Angeles Lakers rep the three-stripe logo on their Adidas track jackets. Soccer players around the world rock Adidas hoodies, including David Beckham, who often pairs his with Adidas pants. Adidas' dedication to providing peak sports clothing and shoes leaves little room for cheap Adidas imitators. When success is the only goal, wearing Adidas Originals is the only option.