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Christian Audigier

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Edgy and controversial, it's hard to deny the impact that Christian Audigier has had on the fashion world over the course of the last decade. Though the French designer originally designed for brands like Lee and made his name by designing jeans, he's most well-known for his work with Von Dutch and Ed Hardy during the 2000s. Christian Audigier clothing has been featured in dozens of prominent fashion and entertainment magazines like GQ, Art and Living and Celeb Life over the years. Christian Audigier clothes are almost instantly recognizable for their unique designs. By basing many of the designs on tattoo culture, Christian Audigier t-shirts and even Christian Audigier hoodies have become streetwear staples.

After signing a licensing deal with Don Ed Hardy in 2004, Christian Audigier started creating apparel that quickly became popular. A Christian Audigier t-shirt often retailed for a fairly high price, making it exclusive to entertainers, rappers and athletes. When Madonna was infamously snapped wearing a Christian Audigier shirt in a photo with her daughter, the craze caught on and soon other celebrities started wearing Christian Audigier apparel, as well. After awhile, discount Christian Audigier apparel started popping up everywhere, too, allowing everyone to enjoy it.

Recently, Christian Audigier expanded his empire by creating apparel for labels like Crystal Rock, Paco Chicano, and Smet. Cheap Christian Audigier is still difficult to find but some Christian Audigier discount clothing easier to find these days. So regardless of what you think about him or his flamboyant designs, Christian Audigier continues to leave his mark on the fashion game.