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The inspiration behind the Crooks & Castles clothing line is simple: Say hello to the bad guy! Since debuting their Crooks and Castles line in 2002, Crooks owners Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio have created a bunch of Crooks & Castles apparel that draws inspiration from different villains—both real and fictional—that have used a by-any-means-necessary approach to get ahead in life. Crooks & Castles represents both the villains (the "crooks") and the fortunes that they seek (the "castles") through the design of Crooks clothing and the emblematic logos that appear on all Crooks and Castles clothing.

Based out of Los Angeles, Crooks & Castles wear got its original boost from a variety of entertainers, rappers and athletes who embraced the vision of the brand. Jay-Z, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Ludacris, Game, Lamar Odom and Nas have all been spotted wearing Crooks and Castles shirts and other Crooks clothes. Featuring the company's chain link "C" design and intricate logos that play off the popularity of more well-known labels and designers, a Crooks shirt or Crooks hat is a typical sight in hip-hop music videos from the likes of Kid Cudi to Big Sean. And while the company has continued to expand into other articles of clothing, Crooks and Castles t shirts remain one of the brand's most popular pieces and one of the most popular t shirts on the market. It may just be starting to secure its place as one of the premier streetwear brands on the planet—but it's already safe to say that the Crooks & Castles brand is on the road to riches.