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Though he no longer works in the tattoo industry, artist Don Ed Hardy has seen his designs go international thanks to the Ed Hardy brand of clothing. While rappers like Game and Nipsey Hussle frequently wear Ed Hardy jeans, Ed Hardy jackets, Ed Hardy accessories and other Ed Hardy clothing, the brand started out as a staple of West Coast fashion before spreading steadily across the country and the world. And once notable fashion designer Christian Audigier (formerly of Von Dutch) got his hands on the license to produce everything from Ed Hardy bags and Ed Hardy Women clothes to Ed Hardy T-shirts and Ed Hardy jeans in 2004, the label became a real force to be reckoned with.

First sold commercially in 2002, Ed Hardy clothing started popping up prominently in the mid-2000s. It got a big boost when pop culture got hold of the brand and celebrities like Madonna, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Kanye West started showing up on the streets and at awards shows wearing duds from the line. As a result, Audigier was able to expand the brand to include Ed Hardy womens clothes, Ed Hardy dresses, Ed Hardy plus size clothing, Ed Hardy accessories, Ed Hardy Women jeans—even Ed Hardy purses.

Though items from the line aren't always particularly cheap, discount Ed Hardy clothing and cheap Ed Hardy accessories have been easier to come by in more recent years, and Ed Hardy sale prices have made it easier for regular folks to buy pieces from the collection. Today, even NBA athletes like Dwight Howard have embraced the Ed Hardy craze. They may not last forever like an Ed Hardy tattoo—but the tattoos on an Ed Hardy shirt have truly become an iconic part of American culture.