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From his beginnings in fashion to his recent entries into the worlds of publishing, videogaming and multimedia, Marc Ecko continues to break the boundaries of conventional wisdom and further solidify his role as the navigator of pop culture.

While others are content to imitate, he chooses to innovate. Marc's goal is not to chase what's already out there, but to establish a whole new category of branded products and services that are immediately embraced as cutting edge and credible.

His journey began in the mid-80s while he was still a high school student working from a makeshift design studio located in the garage of his parents' New Jersey home. Armed only with an airbrush and his custom graphic designs, Marc quickly built a loyal fanbase and in 1993, at the age 20, founded *ecko unltd.

Since then, the Company has grown to include 12 separate *ecko unltd. apparel and accessories lines, the contemporary Marc Ecko "Cut & Sew" collection, G-Unit Clothing Company, Zoo York, Avirex Sportswear, Complex magazine (circulation 330,000), and his recently launched video game, "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure."

Simultaneously, Marc has dedicated himself to a number of socially conscious initiatives, including significant work with underprivileged youth domestically and internationally and a dedicated role in reversing the plight of the world's rhino populations. Sweat Equity Enterprises, a four-year after-school, design and mentoring program for underserved New York City teens, is his most recent and most personal initiative to date.

Whether it's apparel, magazines, videogames, or film, Marc is poised to deliver what today's young consumers desire most - products that are trend-defining, thought provoking and engaging - while continuing to prove critics wrong at every new turn.