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After founding two transformative fashion labels, Mecca and Enyce, respectively, Evan Davis and Tony Shellman are now launching a bold new retail imprature: Parish. Joining this endeavor are longtime collaborators, Pericles Papayannis, Chaka Wilson and Ashod Spendjian, all former executives of Enyce clothing. They have set out to harvest the next generation of talent by collaborating with a team of young, gifted designers and artists.

Parish is the latest salvo in an ongoing brand revolution. After years of corporate oversight, the Parish founders decided to break with tradition and hand creative power over to the designers themselves. With complete autonomy this collective is free to explore new and innovative ideas. The result is a vibrant colorful collection, incorporating everything from pop art to old school hip hop.

By bringing artistic and culturally aware designers under one roof, Parish plans to do more than launch a new collection. They want to spawn a new attitude in fashion. Ultimately, Parish wants to build a brand that inspires innovation, but also generates consumer appreciation.

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